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BLOG - Cosmetics Tenerife

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What do I remove my face with? and the eyes?

Most women have a very strong '' connection '' to their makeup bags! Every morning we prepare for the day that comes and an important part of that routine is makeup, right?

There are those who opt for a simple ritual that includes lip balm and face cream, and others do their best and experiment with the primer, makeup base, contour, blushes, highlighters, eyeshadows, eyeliners etc.

Make-up removal should be part of your skincare ritual, both in the morning and in the evening, even if you didn't wear makeup that day!

Wonderful elements of nature for our skin
We all know that we need a nutritious diet, an adequate dose of exercise, clean air, and a feeling of safety in our home in order to thrive. But did you know that our bodies also yearn for nature in very real and concrete ways? By understanding these needs, we can give ourselves the deep satisfaction of communing with Mother Nature in our own homes, where a connection to nature can improve our overall health.
It helps us understand where we come from. Our body is essentially the same as the one our Stone Age ancestors walked with, even though our living environment has changed dramatically since then. 

Makeup routine for beginners
Makeup ... thousands of products and brands and one person, you. 
Sounds complicated right? What to choose? How to apply makeup? What is the best for you and your skin type or facial features?
Let's start talking a bit about the term "makeup" and its history.

Essential Oils Guide

Surely you have heard about essential oils or have seen or read something about them, but you may still have doubts or have not tried it yet.
In this blog we are going to talk about essential oils and I hope I can answer those questions or doubts you have on the subject.

BeOrganic what are they and why use their products?
Be Organic - "Be Natural Be You"! All cosmetic products are Hypoallergenic, vegan and not tested on animals. 

The plant extracts used for the production of cosmetics come from certified organic crops, in which no phytosanitary products are used that could have adverse effects on the skin ...

Hyaluronic Acid - King of all skincare ingredients
Surely you have seen or heard about it hyaluronic acid and you have found it as a primary or secondary ingredient in many facial and body care products.

But actually What is it and how does it help our skin? 

Why should you include facial masks in your beauty routine?
Face masks are one of my favorite skincare products. They are easy to apply, fun to use, and provide excellent results. What I like the most about applying a good face mask is the feeling of plump and toned skin after just one use.

Should anyone use them? How to choose the best facial mask for your skin type?

Night face creams, why use them?
A night cream for a beautiful morning. This should be the motto of facial care at night.

Why? What do night creams do while we sleep?

Our skin does not behave the same at night as it does during the day. Its rhythm changes. During the day, the skin acts in defense, protecting itself from pollution, weather conditions, UV rays, etc. When we sleep, the skin is also active, working to repair the damage caused during the day and regenerating itself.

The skin regenerates 3 times faster during the night than during the day. Using a night cream from the age of 25 helps us to slow down the aging of the skin.

What does exfoliation of the skin mean? Why should you do it?
What is skin exfoliation?
Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin by means of a chemical, a granular substance, or an exfoliation tool.
Dead skin cells are naturally removed to make room for new ones approximately every 30 days. But sometimes the dead cells are not completely shed. This can result in dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. Looks familiar, right? The best solution is exfoliation, as it helps prevent this from happening.

Skin problems caused by face masks
Let's face it, masks are now part of our lives and we will have to wear them for some time.

Using the mask is necessary, but it can be aggressive for our skin, causing problems ranging from acne and peeling of the skin, to rashes and itching.
However, if we follow some simple steps, we can have healthy skin, even under these conditions.

What is the difference between Natural, Organic and BIO Cosmetics?
In recent years the use of the word "Natural" is very fashionable and, let's be honest, we have all looked at or bought cosmetics because on their faces ...

The sun, our best friend or enemy?
We all enjoy the sun and we love tanned skin on the beach or in the pool, or a good cocktail on a summer afternoon, right? 
Well, the sun can be our best friend but also our worst enemy ... it depends on what we choose!

Do you know that our skin can be stressed?
Stress can increase cortisol levels, which in turn increases inflammation. In addition, pollutants (pollution) cause the formation of free radicals, which damage DNA, resulting in dull, stressed, aged and sensitive skin.
We may notice that our skin is more irritated or has rashes, pimples, etc. Even the products we used on a daily basis now begin to irritate our skin.

The hydroalcoholic gel-our new supplement!
It's no news that hydroalcoholic gel has become a part of our lives and we can't go anywhere without having a small bottle in our purse or pockets ... just in case. It is perfect for disinfecting hands when we do not have access to soap and water after touching different objects, money, etc. But, Can it affect our skin?

Stem cells in cosmetics? What are they and how can they help your skin?

The use of stem cells in cosmetics is one of the latest trends. You've probably seen various skincare products that claim to contain stem cells and wondered what they are and what they do for your skin, or if they are suitable for your skin type.

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