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About us

Hello! Welcome to the world Cosmetics Tenerife!

My name is Michelle Cucu and I am the Manager of Cosmetics Tenerife®. 

I have a degree in Chemistry since 2008, with a master's degree in the field and extensive experience in cosmetic laboratories. I began my professional career in this exciting world at the Pierre Fabre laboratories in Paris, for which I worked for several years and where, among others, the Avene, Klorane, Ducray, Galenic and A-Derm brands were produced.

The second part of my story in this world continued in Tenerife, with a small perfumery. It was a new stage in my life, a stage full of challenges, where every day is different and there is something new to learn.

I had decided to grow, expand my vision, interact with many more people and in 2019 was born, where I have gathered my favorite brands, brands that I totally trust, which I have studied and tested for quite some time.

Let me tell you that Cosmetics Tenerife® is not just another online store on the market. It is an online store where more than anything we offer you personalized attention, advice, informative blogs, updated information on cosmetics, skin care, makeup and especially personalized gifts. I love the idea that two gifts are never the same, I love personalizing them, adding something, a personal touch.

The idea for came from wanting to offer something more than just an online store, but also an experience, an online site where you talk to a real person (I, Michelle, who answered you in the chat), a person who first offers advice, a smile (hahaha in this case a smiling face) and then recommends the products.

I know it is difficult, because we are all different, but I love this challenge, especially in the world of beauty.

As I mentioned before, I have selected some brands in which I have all my confidence and that I have tried before, receiving many positive opinions from customers about them.

you will find our own registered trademark (National trademark M4170723), Cosmetics Tenerife®, for 100% pure and natural essential oils, vegetable and natural Base Oils and supplies such as Glycerin Soap Base and Liquid Glycerin. Also, the gifts included in the collection are 100% handmade by our staff, they are unique and original and can be personalized based on your tastes and requirements.

Brands like refan, of which we are an authorized franchise in Tenerife - Canary Islands, for perfumery and natural cosmetics. A brand with more than 30 years of experience and one of the world leaders in the production of bulk perfumes.

MIYA Cosmetics, a revolutionary natural cosmetics brand on the market, with almost 100% natural ingredients and versatile products whose concentrated active ingredients allow you to use them in very different ways according to your needs. Likewise, all products have passed strict dermatological and ophthalmological controls, with a number of them supporting their efficacy based on clinical evaluation tests.

Medical Laboratory, a dermocosmetic brand that offers highly effective and clinically proven skin care solutions.

Ziya, a brand that offers an extensive palette of natural cosmetic products adapted to each skin type, with an unbeatable quality-price balance.

Makeup products could not be missing either, such as Bell and Bell HYPOAllergenic Poland, Miyo France, City Color US, Pierre René Professional All of them being brands that do not need excessive presentation, as they are brands with a lot of tradition and products that are much loved by makeup lovers. 

We are here to offer you personalized attention and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to our world! Relax and be surprised 😊

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