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Cosmetics Tenerife®

Glycerin Soap Base - Translucent & White

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Glycerin for making soap

soap base ready to melt, mold and make unique and original Artisanal soaps without SLS or parabens, suitable for all skin types. You only need to add aromatic essences, essential oils and/or colorants and active ingredients.

🟣 If you have wondered where to buy glycerin to make soaps handmade in the Canary Islands, now we are going to explain why choose our soap base?

  • It is a stable base: It does not oxidize (darken) with the mixture of essences or colors.
  • Reduces sweating effects: Effect that generates small drops of water in the soap when it solidifies.
  • Easy soap making: cuts, melts and molds easily.
  • excellent foam: Provides a pleasant sensation during cleaning.
  • creamy texture: soft and creamy sensation during cleansing.
  • Cleans and moisturizes: Sensation of cleanliness on the skin and softness to the touch on the skin (soap base with properties to maintain the skin's natural moisture level).
  • SLS-free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) ni Parabens: does not contain aggressive cleansing agents for the skin, nor parabens.
Where to buy glycerin to make soaps - Glycerin to make soap - Shop for materials to make soaps - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Las Palmas - Canary Islands

🟣 Available in the following options*:

✡️ White soap base – opaque. Experience a deep, revitalizing clean with our opaque glycerin soap base. Its milky and soft finish is perfect for those who prefer an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic in their soaps. Being free of SLS and parabens, it guarantees a delicate and effective cleaning. Enrich your creations by adding dyes, essential oils o aromatic essences thus enhancing the aroma and properties of your soaps. Thanks to its composition, it not only offers a generous and creamy foam, but is also a stable soap base that does not oxidize with the mixture of aromatic essences and colorants. It is very easy to work with, simply melt it, add your favorite ingredients and shape it to your liking. Immerse yourself in the unique sensory experience of our opaque white soap base and enjoy clean, moisturized and radiant skin.

✡️ White soap base with Karite butter. Enrich your personal care experience with our glycerin soap base with Shea Butter. Shea Butter integrates perfectly to provide hydration, repair and nutrition, preserving the skin's natural elasticity and flexibility. Enjoy a rich and creamy foam without the use of SLS or parabens, the stable glycerin soap base guarantees less oxidation when mixing it with dyes, essential oils o aromatic essences. On the other hand, it will reduce the sweating effect after making it, eliminating those small drops of water that sometimes appear in soaps. Manipulating the glycerin soap base is as simple as cutting, melting and molding to your liking. Transform your cleansing routine into a revitalizing ritual with our glycerin and Shea Butter soap base, a cell regenerator rich in vitamins that nourishes and recovers the skin's natural elasticity. If you want to make quality artisan soaps, we invite you to try our glycerin bases with Shea butter that will surely not leave you indifferent.

✡️ Translucent soap base – transparent. Let yourself be seduced by the luminosity and freshness of our transparent glycerin soap base. Designed for those who love clarity and transparency in their handcrafted creations, it is the perfect canvas to display dried flowers or highlight any decorative detail. Integra essential oils y aromatic essences to offer captivating aromas and take advantage of the beneficial properties in each bar of soap you make. Its SLS and paraben-free formula takes care of your skin, providing a gentle but effective cleansing. When using it, you will enjoy a rich and generous foam with an incredible invigorating and refreshing effect. In addition, its resistance to oxidation ensures that the essences and colors of your creations remain vibrant as the first day. Unleash your creativity with our translucent base, melting and shaping to your preference, and immerse yourself in a bath experience full of clarity and rejuvenation.

* - more details available in the following Technical Sheet

What is glycerin?

Glycerin, or glycerol, is derived from oils of plant origin. It also occurs naturally in fermented products, such as beer, wine, and bread. This ingredient was discovered "accidentally" in 1779 by a Swedish chemist by heating a mixture of olive oil. He identified the resulting fat as glycerin. Since the mid-XNUMXth century, people have used glycerin to make soap.
This process involves heating certain vegetable oils and allowing the solution to cool and harden into a stick shape.

Today the process is simpler, directly using a solid soap base and creamy known as “Melt & Pour”. This means that you only need to melt the soap base and add the other desired ingredients (such as other active ingredients, plants, essential oils, additives, fragrance, etc.) to create a soap intended for a specific function adapted to the needs of the skin. .

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€12,99 €15,99

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Andrea rodriguez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, NC)

All very well
the best girl
Kindness, patience, willing
Excellent atention

Ines Suarez (Los Llanos de Aridane, CN)


GM (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, NC)
Excellent quality material

Delighted with them, the materials are of the highest quality and they helped me and explained a lot about various ways of making soaps. My favorite supplier 100%!💖

Jessica (Arucas, NC)
Perfect Car

Very good quality raw material, 🙂🙂

Rosa Delia Mesa Morales (Adeje, NC)
Glycerin based

Wonderful Base, the soaps make a lot of foam and combined with essential oils a true wonder

Josefa (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, NC)
White and translucent glycerins

very good results, very foamy soaps are obtained

Martina Tupa (Arona, NC)
Very good store

I am very happy with the store, the very good product arrived super fast. Thank you so much. I will continue shopping here.

Paola Barbella (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, NC)
white glycerin

In my penultimate order I purchased the glycerin with butter and I must say that it is the most wonderful thing I have ever tried. The soaps were amazing!! Thank you 😻

Loly Tejera (San Bartholomew de Tirajana, CN)


Paola Barbella (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, NC)
perfect base

Last time I bought the transparent base, this time I wanted to try the white one to play with the colors of my herbal soaps. Excellent like everything they sell here

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