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SPONGE PEELING with Glycerin Soap

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Peeling sponge with glycerin soap, it is a 3-in-1 product, it has: Glycerin Soap, Sponge and Peeling. Exfoliates the skin by removing dead cells, activates circulation and fights cellulite.

✡️ Anti-stress: Provides a feeling of freshness and deep cleaning. Combining Verbena extract and Orange Essential Oil acts as a relaxant after daily stress, awakening the senses with a refreshing citrus scent. 
✡️ Passion fruit: The soap has a strong, exciting aroma Passion fruit (the fruit of passion). The combination of sponge and soap guarantees your comfort and pleasure in the bath. 
Appropriate for all skin types.
✡️ tropical mango: a real treat for your skin. Make your shower a refreshing aromatic therapy with relaxing and calming effects.
✡️ Melon and Apricot: 
Attractive sweet aroma, a ripe melon and apricot juice, which is released slowly each time this soap is used. It is a tasty fruit nectar for your skin that will make your bathroom a tropical paradise.
✡️ PomeloFresh Citrus Scented Soap pink grapefruit, which tones and cleanses the skin. The combination of sponge and soap guarantees your comfort and pleasure in the bath. Recommended for all skin types.
✡️ Bulgarian Rose: Soap bearing the fragrance of Bulgarian Oil Rose. The combination of sponge, peeling and soap in one ensures your comfort. Fresh and aromatic, the soap is intended for daily hygiene for all skin types.
Refan's Rose (Refan's Rose): Soap enriched with organic water. Soft and pleasant scent of roses that hydrates and soothes the skin at the same time
✡️ soft pink (Soft Rose) - a fascinating soap with a magnetic and mysterious scent of roses;
✡️ touch of rose (Rose Touch): a fascinating scent of roses that will turn your shower into a truly relaxing experience;
✡️ Red wine (Red Wine): a soft aroma of wine, with a soft and abundant foam that immerses you in a pleasant relaxation, an authentic enotherapy for your bathroom.
✡️ White Wine (White Wine) - a special smell, a real cocktail of toning wine for the skin;
✡️ Yogurt and Elderberry: The soap contains Yogurt and elderberry extract. Yogurt is a natural moisturizing ingredient that locks in moisture and gives soap smoothness and finesse. Elderberry extract is used for its anti-inflammatory action. Appropriate for all skin types.
✡️ Pomegranate and Papaya: Soap with the fragrances of Pomegranate and Exotic Fruits that are released in a slow and very attractive way. Ensures comfort in the bath and a pleasure for your skin due to the massage effect of the sponge. 
Appropriate for all skin types.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rachel Artingstall Ramallo (San Cristobal de La Laguna, NC)

Is very good. A spectacular aroma that exfoliates you and does not dry out the skin.

J. (La Orotava, NC)
I really recommend it

This sponge with solid soap is amazing. after so much heat it makes me feel so good using it

MC (Adeje, NC)
I like it

I just love it! I will repeat
this product safe.
The smell is very pleasant ...

Soft skin & clean feeling

Smells wonderful and leaves the skin really soft and clean. Well worth buying it.

Thank you very much Rox! We're happy that you like it :)

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