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Cosmetics Tenerife®

Nebulizer Diffuser for Essential Oils - without water or cable

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Experience genuine well-being with diffuser nessential oil ebulizer. An innovation in aromatherapy that respects and preserves the intrinsic nature of each essence.
Unlike other methods, this diffuser uses no water or heat and requires no cable , eliminating any risk of spills or burns, and keeping the therapeutic properties of the essential oils intact.

🟣Services to use the essential oil nebulizer: 

  • Waterless diffusion system: Preserves the integrity and potency of essential oils;
  • Exclusive use of 100% pure and natural essential oils: Ensures high-quality aromatherapy, working only with undiluted oils;
  • Rechargeable: After 2-3 hours of charging, enjoy hours of pure aromatherapy without interruptions, thanks to its internal battery;
  • Includes 10 ml bottle (empty and refillable): Perfect to start your sensory journey.

How does the essential oil nebulizer work?

The essential oil nebulizer transforms oils into a microscopic aerosol without using water or heat. Below, we present the process step by step:

✡️ Oil Atomization: An internal tube generates a Venturi effect, allowing the essential oil to rise from the bottom of the device thanks to the aspiration of external air.
✡️ Compressed Air Decomposition: Compressed air breaks down the essential oil into tiny particles, which quickly transform into vapor to be dispersed.
✡️ Diffusion in the Environment: The released aerosol preserves the properties and benefits of the essential oils intact, thanks to the fact that they are not diluted or altered with water or heat.
✡️ Optimal absorption: The small atomized molecules are easily inhaled, facilitating the absorption by our body of the beneficial components of the oils.

How to use:

How to use the Nebulizer:

Q/A about the Essential Oil Nebulizer

Product details / Data sheet:

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