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Cracked heels cream - dry feet

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The skin of the feet is very different from that of the rest of the body. It is poor in fatty substances and, for this reason, it does not fulfill its "moisturizing" function correctly. 

Why are heels cracking?

Cracked heels are an alteration of the dermis that occurs when the skin on the feet is very dry and hard. Due to this lack of hydration, continuity and elasticity, these cracks appear on the skin that can be accompanied by pain and even bleeding in the most serious cases.

Additionally, metabolic diseases such as diabetes can affect the condition of the skin as they decrease its moisture causing dehydration. This also happens with patients who suffer from circulatory problems.

La Ziaja Cracked Heel Cream It is especially suitable for the dry skin of cracked heels. Nourishes and prevents cracking of the heels, softening the skin.

It is suitable for diabetics and vegans!

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Best Cracked HEELS Cream - Dry Feet | Ziaja Canarias - Cosmetics Tenerife

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Customer Reviews

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Candelaria Beatriz Oran Hernández
Fabulous product.

I've tried so many dry heel creams that this one is fantastic.

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