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100% Vegetable Stearic Acid

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El stearic acid It is a versatile and stable fatty acid, widely used in various industries for its exceptional physical and chemical properties. In its hydrogenated form, it is essential for products that require consistency and durability, such as candles and cosmetics.

Where is Stearic Acid obtained from?

Stearic acid, also known as stearin, is obtained from the fractionation of the solid components of palm oil. This process selects the most valuable fatty acids, resulting in a product of great stability and purity, ideal for industrial and artisanal applications.

What is stearic acid used for?

Stearic Acid in Cosmetics

In the cosmetic sector, Vegetable Stearic Acid adjusts the pH of soaps and improves the consistency of creams and lotions. As an ethical substitute for palm oil, it strengthens and stabilizes emulsions, becoming a key ingredient for high-quality, sustainable cosmetics.

Stearic Acid in Soaps

Stearic acid is a well-known additive for soap making (oil/soda based). Improves the opacity, shine and texture of the soap, preventing the formation of lumps. In addition, it contributes to the hardness of the soap, prolonging its useful life and improving its general quality. Adding stearic acid to the soap mixture creates a thicker, stronger texture, which is desirable in soap bars. The amount to use will vary depending on the formula, but a starting point could be around 3% to 5% of the total weight of the oils in the recipe.

Stearic Acid in Candles

Stearic acid is essential in the candle industry. Helps harden and raise the melting point of candles, resulting in longer lasting, stronger candles. It also promotes cleaner combustion and better retention of aromas and colorants. For candles in molds and in glasses, the addition of stearic acid can vary, but a common starting point is between 5% and 10% of the total weight of the wax.

Other uses of Vegetable Stearic Acid

  • Lubricant for Plastics: Acts as a sliding agent, improving the manufacturing and finishing of plastic products;
  • Textile Industry: It is used in the formulation of products that improve the resistance and quality of textiles;
  • Detergents and Cleaners: Its ability to emulsify fats makes it invaluable in the production of effective detergents;
  • Waxes and Esters: It is a vital ingredient in the manufacture of waxes for different applications, from industrial to decorative;
  • Hydrophobic Agents: Provides water repellent properties in coatings and sealants;
  • Rubber Manufacturing: Improves the consistency and durability of rubber used in tires and other products;
  • Shoe Polishes: Provides shine and protection in shoe care products;
  • Metal Polishing: Used in pastes and liquids to polish metals, offering a superior finish.
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100% Vegetable Stearic Acid

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