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Apricot Oil - Base

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El apricot kernel oil basis is pure 100% naturaly obtained by cold pressing. It is a clear, pale yellow, practically odorless liquid. Apricot kernel oil (Prunus Armeniaca) It does not leave an oily feeling and is quickly absorbed into the skin. 

Properties of apricot oil for the skin

Among the properties of apricot oil for the skin, the following stand out: 

  • High concentration of oleic and linoleic fatty acids helping to maintain hydrated and shiny skin;
  • Thanks to its high concentration of vitamin E, apricot kernel oil is wonderful for help not only heal damaged tissue, promoting healthier skin, but also helping to reduce the appearance of scars. It also helps neutralize free radicals that can contribute to skin damage or accelerated aging;
  • Deeply nourishes the skin thanks to its content in Vitamin A;
  • Helps prevent stains and reducir the inflammation thanks to the existence in its composition of the precious vitamin C, which increases the anti-inflammatory power of this precious oil while providing great luminosity to your skin.

Apricot oil for hair

Thanks to the oleic acid that we find in its composition, it becomes an exceptional emollient that makes the hair and scalp softer and more flexible. 
  • Moisturizes hair and scalp while increasing the level of hydration and reducing dryness;
  • It stimulates hair growth preventing moisture loss thanks to linoleic acid;
  • Provides lubrication to the skin, including the scalp, acting as a light and smooth lubricant, siendo ideal for sensitive skin and commonly used in creams and rinses for hair and face;
  • It not only seals in moisture but also absorbs small amounts of water from ambient humidity helping to maintain that moisture barrier within the hair and scalp. Apricot kernel oil leaves hair soft, shiny and keeps it well nourished and hydrated.

Apricot - Prunus Armeniaca
Prunus Armeniaca - Apricot Seed Oil - Natural and Pure Vegetable - what it is for - Uses - Benefits - Properties

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