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97% Natural Ingredients!

Healthy skin is the greatest adornment of the human being. Their care requires a reasonable use of modern means of cleaning. Created centuries ago, soap has been perfected multiple times in the name of one purpose - it cleanses without damaging because its composition is the closest to human skin. 

For this reason, REFAN soaps are not just ordinary soaps. They have preserved the secular tradition, they caress your skin, delicately and gently cleanse it and their compounds make it soft and with the aroma of health and cleanliness. The intoxicating smell of soaps and their outward appearance will immediately win you over and bring a touch of freshness and positive emotions to everyday life.

🔯 HERBAL SOAP step to nature Rose: eenriched with argan essential oil, organic geranium oil and rose leaves.
Give your body softness and nourishing care thanks to organic argan oil known for its moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant properties. 
The soap forms a creamy cleansing lather that is achieved by triple-pressing technology and leaves a fresh rose and geranium scent. 
The natural rose leaves complete the pleasant sensation on the skin.
🔯 HERBAL SOAP step to nature Lemon Verbena: eenriched with lemon oil, extract and verbena herb Relax your consciousness and your senses!
Invigorating and stimulating lemon scent soap for pure, delicately scented and gently exfoliated skin.  
Lemon oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant properties. Close the pores and it is suitable for oily skin. Verbena extract smoothes and softens, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Its fresh citrus aroma acts beneficially on the senses.
🔯 HERBAL SOAP step to nature Lavender: enriched with lavender essential oil and lavender petalGet ready for relaxing aromatherapy!
Rich lather, bits of lavender flowers and an energizing scent. Mild, refreshing and calming soap with lavandula essential oil. It is one of the most famous and widely publicized oils with multiple properties, ideal for the basic care of any skin type. Strong scent of lavender and rich, velvety lather for the skin that exudes the scent of health and cleanliness.
 HERBAL SOAP step to nature Green Leaves: enriched with lemon essential oil, green tea extract and mint leaves. Add an aromatic piece of nature to your bathroom!
Soap with an intoxicating aroma of green leaves. Contains green tea extract and lemon essential oil used as an active component in cosmetic products with antioxidant, antiseptic and refreshing effect. The mint leaves complete the characteristic rich aroma and give a pleasant sensation to the skin.
🔯 HERBAL SOAP step to nature Peppermint: enriched with essential oil of peppermint, menthol and mint leaves. Real mint explosion in the bathroom!
Peppermint - this refreshing, invigorating and fragrant herb - has been known for centuries. Its oil is exclusively stimulating and cooling, with anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Together with menthol it acts as a strong stimulant and coolant. The mint leaves complete the characteristic rich aroma and provide a pleasant sensation on the skin.
Ideal soap for people looking for a natural way to look and feel good.
 HERBAL SOAP Aromatherapy HAPPINESS (Happiness): enriched with sweet orange essential oil and green tea extract. Awaken your senses with an explosion of joy and humor!
Soap with a sensual aroma of sweet orange and cinnamon that provides a revitalizing sensation of freshness. Orange essential oil, known for its powerful effect on mood, provides warmth, vitality and happiness, while green tea extract acts beneficially against UV damage and protects the skin from premature aging.
🔯 HERBAL SOAP Aromatherapy TRANQUILITY (Calmness): enriched with orange essential oil and green tea extract. Introduce an aromatic touch of nature into your bathroom!
Soap with a warm woody cedar aroma complemented by fresh citrus and spices. The orange essential oil, powerful and aphrodisiac, lifts the mood and relaxes the mind after daily stress, while the green tea extract provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, protecting the skin and giving it a rejuvenated appearance.
🔯 HERBAL SOAP Aromatherapy Magnolia and Rose Petals: enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter and rose petals. Get ready for a rejuvenating floral experience!
Soap with a delicate floral aroma of magnolia and rose, ideal for daily use. Shea butter and cocoa butter nourish and condition the skin, maintaining its elasticity and giving it a velvety texture. The rose petals not only complement the aroma but also act as a gentle exfoliant, leaving the skin toned and delicately scented.
 HERBAL SOAP step to nature Queen Rose: contains rose concrete, rose water and licorice extract. Delicate soap with a soft cream foam that gives the skin the scent of fresh roses. Ideal for sensitive and very sensitive skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cristina (San Cristobal de La Laguna, NC)

Super soaps in all aspects

Christ Foundling (Granadilla from Abona, NC)
excellent soap

Soft, aromatic and very rich in properties. It foams abundantly and leaves a very pleasant aroma in the bathroom.

J. (La Orotava, NC)
natural soap

I've bought a few options so far of each and I must say I'm impressed. I'm using it for both showering and hand washing and I'm addicted. Soon I will order the other options that I did not try because it is one of my favorite products.

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