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Miya cosmetics

MyBEAUTYgel facial cleansing gel

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Second Step Double Facial Cleansing

The cleansing gel myBEAUTYgel by Miya Cosmetics is designed as the second step of double facial cleansing, as it is an effective cleaner formulated based on strawberry, raspberry and blackberry extract. It is refreshing and gentle on the skin, but effective and very comfortable to use thanks to its gel texture that emulsifies on wet face.

Its function is to remove any type of impurity from the skin, be it sebum or traces of makeup, without leaving any kind of tight feeling, but quite the opposite: it leaves the skin hydrated and comfortable. It also has a tonic function, since it restores the pH of the skin and leaves it calm and relaxed. That is why it can be used in all skin types (even sensitive ones) and in any area of ​​the face (even on lips and eyes), because it does not sting, sting or irritate the eyes. 

It is perfect to include in your facial routine both in the morning and at night, on a daily basis.

Services mySUPERskin Cleansing Gel:

  • Formulation 98,6% natural;
  • It is a vegan and cruelty free product;
  • hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic;
  • ophthalmologically tested;
  • suitable for atopic and sensitive skin;
  • leaves the skin soft and comfortable;
  • multiple functions: cleanses, refreshes, tones, soothes and hydrates;

  • This product is ideal for performing the step 2 of double cleaning after having used the MySUPERskin Cleansing and Make-up Remover Oil, cleaning the skin in depth and eliminating dead cells and bacteria, unclogging the pores and thus achieving an effective facial cleansing.

    How to do the double facial cleansing?

    Known as korean cleaning, is a complete method of cleaning our face in which two products are used: 

    • Step 1 : Use a grease-based / oil-based cleaner.
      With the first step we remove the remains of makeup, sunscreen, pollution, excess sebum ... in short, dirt that is soluble in fat.
    • Step 2: : Use a  water-based cleaner.
      With the second step we remove the remains of the first and the water soluble dirt, such as sweat. In this way we achieve a complete cleaning.

    How to use / use:

    Product Details:

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    Customer Reviews

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    Anonymous (La Orotava, NC)
    I use it for double cleaning

    I use it together with the makeup remover oil of the same brand and I really like it. It's natural, has a rich scent and leaves my skin feeling great without drying it out.

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