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Lavender essential oil

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El lavender essential oil it is 100% pure and natural, from France is obtained by steam distillation of the flowers of Lavandula Angustifolia. Lavender has been used and appreciated for centuries for its distinctive scent and countless benefits.

lavender essential oil properties

  • Antidepressant;
  • Antifungal;
  • Healing properties;
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender oil benefits

Among its innumerable uses of lavender oil, the following stand out:
✡️ Widely used as natural antidepressant: treats anxiety, depression and nervous tension.
✡️ Combat The insomnia: one study found that inhaling lavender oil twice a week for 20 minutes relaxed the nervous system and improved sleep quality (Scientific Source:
✡️ Helps control stress: If you're looking to reduce anxiety or get a good night's sleep, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a aroma diffuser Is the best option. If you'd rather not diffuse it, a few deep breaths of its scent before bed (or anytime you need a moment of calm) will do the trick. You can even add a few drops of lavender to the bath to eliminate stress.
✡️ Relieves the pain head: It is one of the best essential oils for headaches because it induces relaxation and relieves tension. 
✡️ Treat burns and cuts: Widely known for its antimicrobial properties, lavender oil has been used for centuries to treat various infections and combat disorders of bacterial and fungal origin. In fact, there have been almost a hundred studies that consistently confirm this benefit of lavender. Research shows that accelerates the healing of burns, cuts, scrapes and wounds, and a large part of this is due to its antimicrobial components.
✡️ Relieves menstrual pain: Several studies have found that lavender acts as a natural pain reliever. When massaged into the skin (diluted in a carrier oil), it can help relieve dysmenorrhea associated with menstrual pain and lower abdominal cramps.
✡️ natural scent: To obtain a natural perfume, 2 drops of lavender oil can be added to a spray bottle with approximately half a glass of water, spraying it into the environment after shaking the mixture.
✡️ Just like using lavender oil as a perfume, it can be used at home as a toxic free natural air freshener spraying it or spreading it around the house.
To create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom before bed, spray a mixture of lavender and water directly onto the sheets or pillow.
You can also try the same method in the bathroom and on bath towels. Before taking a relaxing bath or shower, spritz your towel with lavender to enjoy its calming scent after your shower.

Lavender oil benefits for skin

✡️ For acne: Lavender oil works to kill bacteria, which can prevent and cure acne breakouts. It opens the pores and reduces inflammation when applied to your skin. To use lavender oil against acne, dilute it in a carrier oil (for example in jojoba oil) and apply it to the skin after washing your face. 
For a particularly stubborn pimple, its combination with the Argan oil it can also help reduce inflammation. Mix 1 drop of lavender oil with 1 drop of argan oil and put it directly on the pimple twice a day.
✡️ In case of dry skin o eczema: Thanks to its antifungal properties, lavender oil reduces inflammation and can help keep eczema at bay.
✡️ Lavender oil can also be used to treat psoriasis. Lavender oil helps cleanse the skin and reduce redness and irritation.
✡️ Anti-wrinkle remedy: Lavender oil is packed with antioxidants which help protect the skin from free radicals. To use lavender oil against wrinkles, use a few drops of the essential oil along with a carrier oil (argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, etc). The mixture can be used as a moisturizer once or twice a day.
You can also mix lavender oil with frankincense oil in a carrier oil and apply to skin morning and night. This will help reduce inflammation and signs of aging as well as dark spots.

Benefits of lavender essential oil for hair

Studies also show that lavender oil, along with other essential oils such as thyme oil, rosemary oil, and cedarwood oil, can significantly reduce alopecia and hair loss when massaged in (diluted in a carrier oil). on the scalp.

Lavender Fields - Lavandula angustifolia

Fields of Lavender France - Lavandula angustifolia - Lavender essential oil - what is it for - uses - benefits - properties

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Ana (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, NC)

Delighted with the essential oils, as well as with the facial cream and perfume.
They are very good quality products, I have been buying online at cosmetic Tenerife for months and I will continue to do so, I recommend them 100% and Michelle's treatment and attention is unbeatable. Many thanks

Jorge Miguel Martinez (Madrid, MD)
Rosemary oil

Excellent product, perfect for the skin and being anti-inflammatory relieves contractures when performing a massage.
Recommended 100%

A. (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, NC)
Fascinated with this aroma

Very few essential oils are as good and I have to say that this one is. The orange aroma that it gives off is so authentic that it revitalizes my senses. Orange is recommended for moments of fatigue and physical decline. I recommend it 100% in massage and aromatherapy

A. (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, NC)
Mild and woody scent

A few drops is enough. I love the woody smell of her.

A. (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, NC)
Excelent product

As it refreshes the skin and helps the nostrils to breathe much better. A great product for those people who suffer from allergic rhinitis and that helps a lot to clear. Very happy with his results.

A. (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, NC)
I was expecting another scent

I have to say that these essential oils are very good, I do not want to imply that this essential oil of cinnamon is not, but accustomed to the aroma of sweet cinnamon I find that this essential oil of cinnamon has a very strong aroma and woody I would like to know if they have another type of cinnamon essential oil that is milder and sweeter, or if the manufacturer can make it to the consumer's taste. Thank you very much

A. (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, NC)
Excelent product

The freshness that this peppermint essential oil brings to my skin is unique and wonderful. Excellent price quality.

Ana (San Cristobal de La Laguna, NC)


David (Reef, NC)
Subtle and smooth

What's not to love about Cedar, nice semi-sweet forest smell

David (Reef, NC)

Use a drop in my beard oil, and soak toothpicks in it, love it.

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