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Cedar Essential Oil


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El cedar essential oil It is obtained from the wood of Virginia cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) by steam distillation.
Cedar is basically a plant native to cold climates, normally found at high altitudes, and its use as an oil is one of the oldest. Due to its strength and purifying characteristics, it is commonly used as a fixative in the perfume industry. The oil is yellowish in color and smells warm, sweet, balsamic and soothing.

Cedar oil properties

The health benefits of cedarwood essential oil can be attributed to its properties like antiseborrheic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, tonic, astringent, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, insecticide, sedative and fungicide substance.

Cedar essential oil what is it used for

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil reduced the symptoms of seborrhea. Cedarwood oil may be beneficial in curing this inflammatory condition as it can reduce skin flaking, regulate sebum production, and treat infection. The oil also reduces redness and the signs of the condition while eliminating it;
  • cedar wood oil prevents wounds from becoming septic, in addition to protecting them from tetanus germs. By defending our body against toxins, cedarwood essential oil relieves white blood cells and the immune system from additional stress, thus promoting endocrine activity;
  • General health tonic and metabolism booster;
  • great helper in acne and oily skin care;
  • Cedar essential oil for hair: one of the best allies in the fight against hair loss thanks to the fact that it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Also great helper in the fight against dandruff.
Cedar Virginian (Cedarwood) - Juniperus Virginiana
Virginia Cedar (Cedarwood) - Juniperus Virginiana

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