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Normal Skin Facial Routine

Normal Skin Facial Routine - Skincare Products Daily Care: Night and Day - Online Cosmetics Store Canary Islands - Tenerife - La Gomera - La Palma - Gran Canaria - Lanzarote - Fuerteventura
skincare routine for normal skinthat will satisfy you!

We have selected the most suitable products for your normal skin to stay hydrated, to prevent wrinkles and maintain its healthy and natural glow. However, and as our intention is that YOU are satisfied with the choice of your pack, we let you make it yourself!

SIMPLE & FAST in 2 easy steps:
 CHOOSE: you can choose between the minimum routine -BASIC PACK, or a complete routine - ADVANCED PACK.
Step2´ŞĆÔâúCHANGE / REMOVE & add to cart: using the buttons on the pack you can change, add or remove the products from the pack at your discretion until they meet your requirements.

Skincare routine for Normal Skin

Skincare normal skin BASIC pack

The basic pack of the daily facial care routine for normal skin is made up of the 6 most necessary products, as its formulation is especially indicated for this type of skin: make-up remover, cleansing gel / foam, facial toner, day facial cream, contour eye, night cream ÔĄÁ´ŞĆ

Skincare normal skin ADVANCED PACK

The advanced pack, also called korean facial routine normal skin It is a routine in 10 steps (steps = products) which brings together the 6 products of the basic pack and another 4 additional products that will allow you to obtain a complete facial care: serum / treatment, facial scrub (read "how to use" of the chosen product , generally used 1/2 time a week), SPF (sunscreen), facial mask. ÔĄÁ´ŞĆ

How to know if you have normal skin?
Normal is a term widely used to refer to skin in good balance. This means that in general the sebum and hydration are balanced and the skin is neither too oily nor too dry.
How to recognize normal skin?
How do I know which routine suits my skin?
Are product descriptions available?
Do you necessarily have to buy all the products in the pack?
What is the delivery time to the Canary Islands?
How much is the shipping?
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