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Facial care routine for Oily & Combination skin

Facial Care Routine for Oily Skin - Mixed: Day and Night - Canary Cosmetics Online Store - Tenerife - Gran Canaria - La Palma - La Gomera - Fuerteventura - Lanzarote
A facial care routine for oily to combination skin that fits to you!

We have selected the most suitable products so that your combination or oily skin regains its balance without clogging pores or causing more sebum and treating blemishes such as pimples and/or acne. But, as we want the choice to be to YOUR satisfaction, we leave the making of your pack just a click away!

SIMPLE & FAST in 2 easy steps:
Step 1: CHOOSE: you can choose either a minimal routine - BASIC PACK, or a complete routine - ADVANCED PACK.
Step 2️ CHANGE / REMOVE & add to cart: use the following buttons on the package to substitute some products for others until the choice is to your liking.

Skincare routine for Oily & Combination skin

Skincare oily & combination skin BASIC PACK   

The basic pack of the daily facial care routine for oily and combination skin is made up of 6 essential products, specifically formulated for these skin types: make-up remover, cleansing gel/foam, facial toner, day facial cream, contour eye, night cream. ⤵️

Skincare oily & combination skin ADVANCED PACK

The advanced pack, also called korean facial routine for oily to combination skin It is a routine in 10 steps (steps = products) which is made up of the 6 products of the basic pack and 4 more products for you to get that complete facial care: serum / treatment, facial scrub (read "how to use" of the chosen product , generally used 1/2 time a week), SPF (sunscreen), facial mask. ⤵️

How do I know if my skin is mixed or oily?
Combination skin is characterized by an oily "T-Zone" (forehead, chin and nose), enlarged pores in this area, perhaps with some impurities. The cheek area, on the other hand, can be normal or dry. If the skin has a high secretion all over the face, clearly visible pores and/or comedones, then your skin is oily.
How do I know which routine suits my skin?
Is the product description clearly available?
Is it mandatory to buy all the products in the pack?
What is the delivery time to the Canary Islands?
How much is the shipping?
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