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Together for Ukraine We double your support!

Donation Ukraine Tenerife - Canary Islands - Red Cross Spain - Together, we will be stronger - Cosmetics Tenerife Donation Campaign

You us!

Once again, as we did before with the victims of the La Palma volcano, From Cosmetics Tenerife we ​​are committed on this occasion to actively helping to alleviate the humanitarian ravages suffered by the civilian population in Ukraine.
We think that together we can make a small contribution and make this humanitarian catastrophe even greater.
We have decided to work to start a fundraiser and contribute, through the account of Spanish Red Cross, to the sending of humanitarian aid both to conflict zones and assistance to refugees with the necessary food, blankets, medicines, medical supplies, psychosocial support and emergency medical care.

How is it working?

As you can see below, we decided to change the fields where it was possible to leave a tip for us and turn them into a zone for donations.
Therefore, once you have chosen the products and proceeded to the payment, on the "PAYMENT" page (after completing your personal data and shipping address) you will find a field reserved for donations where you can choose the value of your donation.

Together for La Palma
La Palma Donation Sample - Cosmetics Tenerife

We match your donation How?

We, the Cosmetics Tenerife team, want to be by your side and we will match all your donations up to a maximum of 15% of the value of your cart.

Let's look at an example: Maria is buying a gift basket to send to her mother for her birthday! The value of the gift box is 50 euros and she decides to make a donation in support of those affected by the war in Ukraine.

  • If you choose to donate 15% of the value of your cart, the final donation will be made up of 7.5 euros from María, plus another 7.5 euros from Cosmetics Tenerife, resulting in a total donation of 15 euros.
  • If you choose "Personalized donation" and directly add 20 euros as a donation, the Cosmetics Tenerife team will add 7,5 euros to your donation, corresponding to 15% of the value of your cart, so in this case the final donation will be 27,5 ,XNUMX euros.

What will the voucher look like?

Donation La Palma Eva Patricia


Exceptions and particularities:

  • Donation value when using a discount code: 
    • The donation percentage chosen by the customer will be applied to the final value of the cart once the discount code has been applied. When the% of donation is greater than the% of the discount coupon, Cosmetics Tenerife will complement customer donation with the difference of both percentages on the final value of the cart. 
      Example: 6% discount coupon and 10% donation. In this case, we complement your donation with 4% of the final value of your cart. 
  • Professionals / B2B (beauty salons, masseurs, beauticians, aromatherapists, etc.): The amount of the donation chosen by our collaborators will not be matched by Cosmetics Tenerife.

For any other information, do not hesitates in puttingte in touch with us through live chat available 7/7 days.

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